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Scriptural Rosary Booklet #1, "According to Thy Word", by Jeff Klazura

"According to Thy Word" uses scripture text from the Old and New Testament, saint quotes and meditative prayer, as it takes the reader on a reflective journey of the actual events of all 20 mysteries.


Click HERE to view sample pages and get a glimpse of the beautiful content within. 

Scriptural Rosary Booklet #1
"According to Thy Word"


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    • Click HERE to View Sample Pages

    • Scriptural Rosary Booklet

    • This booklet includes all 20 Mysteries.

    • Easy Reading - Guaranteed to be used over and over again.

    • This booklet includes saint quotes, Bible quotes and reflective prayer.

    • 40 pages.

    • Sturdy paperback & Attractive cover.

    • 4.25" x 5.5" - Pocket Size (for your purse, your nightstand, glove box or back pocket).

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