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"Through Your Eyes, Lord", personal testimony book by Jeff Klazura

Through Your Eyes, Lord


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    • Do you know that you can be breaking the law just by clicking on a website? Do you know you can be arrested, convicted and sent to jail, even if you didn’t know it was against the law? If all your internet browsing was made public, to your family, friends, co-workers, community, and to the Prime Time News, how would that affect your life?

    • In 2002, Jeff Klazura was a highly successful young teacher doing exactly the profession he loved, and it all got ripped away when the FBI arrested him for ordering pornographic pictures off the internet. Losing everything, experiencing jail, and being despised by many, he was

plunged into the depths of despair and fear. However, when he was thrown down, he grace-fully landed on his back, causing him to look up to God. He turned to God 100%, in every aspect of his life, as his day to day living became days of constant prayer. Throughout his prayer journey, the spiritual world was revealed to him, from visually coming face to face with demons to physically meeting his guardian angel. As he progressed through his spiritual rehabilitation, as well as his government enforced rehabilitation, he became freed from his many years of addiction to pornography. When he was arrested, in 2002, internet pornography was just starting. Now, in 2021, with 30,000 people viewing pornography every second, it has become an evil that is in full force, wreaking havoc throughout the world.

The week before being arrested and having his sins exposed for the nation to see, he prayed a prayer asking God to show him his sins through God's eyes. This book is his personal testimony that covers his addiction, his arrest and process through the court system, his experience in jail, his personal journey and interactions, his spiritual journey to recovery, and how God made all things new for him.

"Through Your Eyes Lord", was written as the events happened; but then the book sat for 15 years. After a divine experience on New Year's Day, 2021, after Mass, he was pushed to finish writing his personal testimony, including the newest chapter on how God made all things new, beyond anything he could have dreamed up on his own, which is a beautiful tear-jerking love story in itself. This book is chalked full of God's graces and spiritual experiences, from crossing paths with a snake in the adoration chapel, to a crucifix that turned gold. It is an uplifting testimony that is a real page turner.

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