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Book Summary

There once was a loving king Lion that was in charge of all the land. Every kind of creature roamed around and was present at hand. The Lion loved each creature and wanted to throw them a big celebration. He sent out invitations far and wide, with the simple task to dress up, so they wouldn’t be denied. The day came and all lined up to enter. Dressed in their finest clothing around, fit for a king adorning a crown. But there was a close friend of the king, dressed in a ripped t-shirt and dirty jeans. He was piling food on his plate, getting in arguments that began to escalate. The Lion went up to him and began to ask, “How is it that you came here without following my invitation task?”


“I have a garment you could wear, so that in this celebration you can share.” The friend snubbed his nose and said, “Not for me. I do what I want, even if you don’t agree.”


The Lion then said, “How could you choose this way? I need you to leave is all I can say.”


The Hippo Guards escorted him out of the hall, and the Lion returned with a tear down his check, knowing there were some that wouldn’t listen to the words he would speak.


The book concludes by showing that God is the loving King Lion, speaking to you, Inviting you into his Kingdom too. He asks us to dress up in mercy and love, and to do to others as He’s done above. We are to dress up in self-control and faithfulness, goodness, patience and gentleness. The choice is ours on how we will dress. Will we be brought to the kingdom as an invited guest?

Dress Your Best
Children's Book


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Written by Jeff Klazura

Illustrated by Author's 2nd Daughter (7 yr old)


    • 5.5" x 5.5" Softcover

    • Fully Illustrated

    • Based on Matthew 22, The Wedding Banquet:

    • Written by Jeff Klazura

    • Illustrated by his 2nd daughter, Megan Klazura

    • (When she was 7 year's old)

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