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Holy Rosary
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165 Meditations accompanied by Scripture and Saint Quotes.

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Through Your Eyes, Lord
Ruined by Porn, Restored by Grace

Personal Testimony
of Author, Jeff Klazura

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33 Days of Rosary Meditations and Scriptural Rosary Booklets

Scriptural Rosary Books

33 Days of Rosary Meditations - by Jeff Klazura

Praying the Rosary Everyday

Do you love praying the Holy Rosary? Do you want to learn how to pray the Rosary Everyday? 33 Days of Rosary Meditations, by Jeff Klazura, was compiled over 10 years of personal writings before the Blessed Sacrament. After going through a difficult time in his life, we spent many hours before the Blessed Sacrament, at 1:00 and 3:00 in the middle of the night. Many visits, he found himself writing, not for any purpose, but just felt compelled to write. Notebook after notebook filled up and were set aside. Years passed by. During the pregnancy of their second child, he found out he had a heart birth defect, and had about a month to live before the heart valve closed itself up. He underwent open heart surgery. During the recovery of this first surgery, he came across the notebooks, and started reading through them. He realized that these were not his words, and felt inspired to make a meditation book. He titled it, “33 Days of Rosary Meditations”, for the 33 years Jesus was alive on Earth. He submitted it to his local bishop, and received the Imprimatur. A couple years later, during the pregnancy of their third child, and still in his late 30’s, he got some bacteria in his bloodstream, which affected his new heart valve, and had to undergo immediate open heart surgery, for the second time. During the Recovery of this surgery, he learned how to set up his own website to sell his books. He organized all the saint and scripture quotes to make a handful of themed scriptural rosary booklets. Having a large family, and being an hourly employee at a Big Box Retailer, he was excited for great monetary success. But then, he realized, that when he went through his trials, in 2002, he wanted to get his hands on great spiritual reading material, but found so much of them to be out of his price range. He didn’t want to do that with his books. So, he made them at cost, to make them available for a low price. He also learned how to make them into ebook formats, and provides them for free download on your technology devices. “33 Days of Rosary Meditations” is the most popular of the books, with tens of thousands sold and distributed, not including the amount that it has been downloaded, world-wide. Each meditation is down to earth, and feels the presence of God speaking to you, as you meditate on praying the rosary. The Scriptural Rosary Booklets will give a new life to your praying the rosary. Each Scriptural Rosary Booklet starts each Mystery of the Rosary with a quote from scripture or a quote from a saint, followed by a short meditation. Each Scriptural Rosary Booklet has all the mysteries of the rosary, the Joyful Mystery, the Luminous Mystery, the Sorrowful Mystery, and the Glorious Mystery. The word of God, from the Bible, are used in the mediations. Each Scriptural Rosary Booklet has a different theme. The Scriptural Rosary booklet “According to Thy Word” is focused on the Biblical History of each Rosary Mystery. The Scriptural Rosary Booklet, “The Narrow Path”, is a biblical meditation on walking the heavenly path, and not the worldly path, as it uses Scripture Quotes that focus on each mystery, but also meditates on the narrow path. The Scriptural Rosary Booklet, “The Judgment of God and of Man” focuses on how we are not meant to judge others, but God is the Just Judge. The Scriptural Rosary Booklet, “Suffering” focuses on the spiritual benefits of Suffering, and is a great scriptural meditation on the times of suffering.

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