The Giving King


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A good king who owned all the land allowed the people who lived in the king's land to pick all the fruit and vegetables they wanted, so that no one would go hungry. One day, as the king was travelling down the road, he came across three different people. The king saw that each one of them had a bag full of fruits and vegetables that they had picked from the land. The king asked each of them for what they had in their bag. The first gave him three of the worst looking potatoes in his bag. The second gave him five of the best apples he found in his bag. The third realized everything came from the king's land, so everything really belonged to the king. So he gave the king everything in his bag.

When these individuals arrived back to their home, they saw at their doorstep, everything they gave to the king was returned to them, but it had turned to pure gold. The following day the king visited with each of these people. In his conversations he thanked them for giving him what they did give him, but also explained he didn't want was just good or bad, but that he wanted them to give it all to him.

This book then shows that Jesus is the true king, and he also wants us to give him everything we have. If we have happiness He wants us to share it with Him. If we have sadness, struggles or tough times, he wants us to hand it over to Him... If we have talents, He wants us to use them for His good. He will take all that we have, whether good or bad, and change them into things more wonderful than we can imagine.

* 5.5" x 5.5" paperback

* Full color illustrations

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