About the Author, Jeff Klazura

Jeff Klazura is the author of the highly acclaimed "33 Days of Rosary Meditations", written before the Blessed Sacrament. He has authored several rosary meditation booklets, and two children's books; "The Giving King" and "Dress Your Best". These are found in print at his website, www.rosarybooks.com. His meditations came from his inspired journal entries that he wrote during his Wednesday's 2:00am and Friday's 3:00am adoration hours, as he went through a personal struggle and spiritual journey in his life, in 2002. Nine years after this, he came across those journal entries, during a time that he was experiencing a physical suffering in his life, and he was spiritually inspired to create his rosary meditation books. After receiving the Imprimatur from the Church, he began a personal ministry of distributing them at his self-maintained website, www.rosarybooks.com (for what it costs him to print and ship the books)

Jeff's most recent publication, "Through Your Eyes Lord" is his personal testimony on his addiction to viewing pornography and his recovery from it. He was a highly successful young teacher doing exactly the profession he loved. It all got ripped away in 2002, when the FBI arrested him for ordering pornographic pictures off the internet. This most recent book travels through his addiction, his arrest, his experiences in jail, his repentance and spiritual journey, and ultimately to his recovery. It is a book that is informative to those entrenched in their own battles. or simply for those seeking to read a beautiful and uplifting testimony of God's graces and healing hand.

"Through Your Eyes Lord", was written as the events happened; but then the book sat for 15 years. After a divine experience on New Year's Day, 2021, after Mass, he was inspired/pushed to finish writing his personal testimony, including the newest chapter on how God made all things new, beyond anything he could have dreamed up on his own, which is a beautiful tear-jerking love story in itself. This book is chalked full of God's graces and spiritual experiences, from crossing paths with a snake in the adoration chapel, to physically meeting his guardian angel. It is an uplifting testimony that is a real page turner.

Jeff writes from his family kitchen table in Colorado, where he lives with his wife of 14 years and their five children.

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